Chinese Medicine

The World Health Organisation recognises the treatment of a number of ailments through Chinese Medicine, including asthma, sinusitis, digestive disorders, headaches and migraines, ailments of the colon, arthritis, muscular and nervous pain, skin disorders, menstruation problems, problems relating to sexual functioning, insomnia, addiction, blood pressure, and emotional problems.

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However, Chinese medicine is an independent medical and philosophical system. It is more a way of life and does not restrict itself to treating specific ailments but looks to assist the person as a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual entity. It is therefore wholistic Medicine.

The branches of Chinese Medicine include Acupuncture, Massage, Herbal Medicine, Meditation, Exercise, Dietary Therapy and Environmental Dynamics.

During treatment a combination of two or more Chinese medical branches or techniques (acupuncture, massage, dietary therapy, Chinese herbal therapy, cupping, moxabustion, lifestyle coaching, exercises) designed to effectively treat complex conditions.

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