About Spiros Platon Antoniades

Spiros Platon Antoniades B. Health Sc (Acupuncture), Adv. Dip. TCM (Herbs), Adv. Dip. Massage (Myotherapy), CSI I & II, SER I & II

Spiros Platon Antoniades studied Chinese Medicine and Therapeutic Massage at Victoria University. Upon graduation in 1995, Spiros Platon Antoniades started treating and teaching Massage at Victoria University.

Since then, he has established a number of practices around Melbourne, partaken in the formation of a non-profit organisation treating heroin addiction with acupuncture, and taught massage and various Chinese medicine aspects in universities and government organisations. His latest adventure is the opening of Medica Complete Health in East Brunswick.

Water and Sand Patterns | Medica Complete Health

He furthered his medical knowledge by undertaking studies in craniosacral therapy, designed by the ‘Upledger Institute of Craniosacral therapy and Osteopathy’ in Florida, USA.

Spiros Platon Antoniades has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Chinese herbs at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, and, more recently, an Advanced Diploma in Massage (Myotherapy) at Kangan TAFE. His current passion is the study and medical application of the ancient Greek Hippocratean wisdom, in conjunction with the contemporary traditional Greek medicine and dietary therapy.

His primary treating style is now a fusion of Chinese medicine myotherapy, shiatsu techniques, medicinal herbal remedies also based on the ancient Greek Hippocratean system of the Four Humors, and craniosacral techniques.

Spiros' main treatment areas are musculoskeletal problems, (his treatments are effective in regards to pain and rehabilitation) gynecological issues and conception, depression and anxiety/panic attacks, immunity boosting (e.g. treatment of the common cold and flu) weight management and dietary planning.

Registered with all private funds (for rebates in acupuncture, Chinese herbs, myotherapy and massage), WorkCover, and TAC.